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Guiding Saarthak Orphanage children for a better future
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Happy Childhood - Productive Youth
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Promoting exercise for a stress free life - with TAPMI students
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Happiness and well being workshop for TAPMI students Bengaluru
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Career Guidance Workshop for DY PATIL University Management Students
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Our Ethos

Jeevan Pravaas Consultancy LLP, a Social Entrepreneurship, is an effort towards enabling youth to live happily in the present by connecting their Inherent strengths to chosen futuristic occupations. Our underlying belief is that “Life’s Journey is equally important as the Career Goal.” Life is not just about a career, but a bundle of experiences at each stage, to be enjoyed and lived productively, creating value for self and the world.
Our strength and value based methods are inspired from the Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads, as we are committed to blending the wisdom of our Vedic heritage with Contemporary psychology to create programs tailored specifically for today's youth.
We have also incorporated Naval & Submarine tactics for designing a practical Deep Dive Career Mentoring program for students.

“Panchakosha” Theory

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“Guna” Theory

Why Life Mentoring & Jeevan Pravaas Required?

Changing World of Work

World of Work is Changing and is filled with uncertainties and vulnerabilities. The youth need to be prepared to adapt and embrace the changes.

Physical, Mental, Emotional well-being

Physical, Mental, Emotional well-being of a youth needs to be enhanced and protected in the entire journey, to ensure a holistic development, improved productivity and happiness of the person, the society, and in turn, for the entire nation.

Training Program - by Jeevan Pravaas

Family Happiness

Family happiness is intricately intertwined with the development of the children and connecting with them. At Jeevan Pravaas, we empower parents by fostering a deep understanding of their children and engaging them as equal partners in their child’s growth and development through our innovative interventions.

Livelihood for Underprivileged

Approximately 75% of our nation’s populace resides in rural regions or falls within the underprivileged demographic. Many among them lack the necessary resources and guidance to make informed choices about their preferred livelihoods. Jeevan Pravaas is also deeply committed to working with these young individuals, aiding them in identifying the optimal path for their future, be it through employment or entrepreneurship, in order to foster a life filled with happiness and success.

We Specifically Enjoy Working With

Non Traditional Learner

We have a genuine passion for partnering with students who may not exhibit a strong inclination towards traditional academic pursuits, causing their parents some restless nights. These students hold the potential to become the future generation of entrepreneurs, sports stars, entertainers, designers, adventurers, media personalities, and more. Our mission is simply to identify their unique talents, nurture them, and steer them towards the right path.

Underprivileged & Disabled Youth

Our nation boasts a significant youth population, but to harness this demographic dividend fully, we must empower our urban, disadvantaged and rural youth. Jeevan Pravaas social initiatives are committed to aiding underprivileged youth by providing career guidance, employability training, entrepreneurship programs, self-development courses, and women empowerment initiatives. Our greatest joy comes from empowering differently-abled youth for independence.

Children with Special Needs

We believe that every child deserves to Shine and have developed special models for working with children with SPECIAL needs, including ADHD, Dyslexia and learning disabilities. We help them transform their mindset from “CAN I ?” to “I CAN”.

Our Programs

Life Mentoring & Well Being

Igniting a profound sense of passion and purpose, fostering a genuine love for one’s pursuits and Well Being


Employability, Entrepreneurship & Self Development Skills for happy livelihood and better future


Designing Suitable Training Structure & Achieving Self-reliance in Training

Jeevan Pravaas



Each child is unique, which means there is no universally ideal parenting style. However, there are often common solutions to specific challenges that have been successfully navigated by other parents. Our goal within the parent community is to create a supportive environment where parents can exchange knowledge, share experiences, and learn from one another to enhance the upbringing and development of their children.


Experienced Individuals who are interested in contributing to society can become part of Jeevan Pravaas as Trainers or Career Mentors. However, selection is based on maintaining high-quality standards. We warmly welcome those with a genuine passion and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the youth. Volunteers who would like to become Jeevan Pravaas ambassadors to serve and impact the underprivileged are also welcome to join our community. .


Jeevan Pravaas uses its expertise in the field of career mentoring, livelihood, and self-Development training and actively join forces and form partnerships with NGOs across the country that are dedicated to empowering underprivileged/ disabled students, youth, and women. Together, we strive to implement similar programs with the overarching goal of making a profound and widespread impact.

Schools / Colleges

Every educational institution, whether it be a school or college, aspires to provide its students with a well-rounded education and equip them with the skills necessary for gainful employment and successful careers. Jeevan Pravaas collaborates with these educational institutions to establish effective systems and provide training that assists students in gaining clarity about their goals and realizing their dreams.

CSR / Social Organisations

We partner with socially conscious Corporates through their CSR and organizations dedicated to catalyzing India's transformation into a thriving and joyful nation. Together, we unite in our mission to empower the nation's youth, creating a powerful synergy for change.


Sudhir Nag
Ashi Dusane
Akshit Kumar
being doing having

Deep Dive Career Mentoring Program

"Preparation for Mission life"

Being: Diving Deep into yourself to know the True "Inner Voice" and not get influenced by the "External Noise"

Doing: Connect the Dots of Inherent Strengths to Futuristic Opportunities in the World of Work, with a Deep Purpose and value, for a fulfilling and happy life.

Having: Enjoying the experiences of the journey with a feeling of utmost gratitude and spirit of constant learning, while embracing uncertainties and failures or obstacles.

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