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Jeevan Pravaas
Empowering Youth for a Fulfilling Life Journey

Empowering Indian Youth by Jeevan Pravaas

In a nation where the pressures of modern life weigh heavily on young shoulders, Jeevan Pravaas aims to provide solution to the confused youth as well as anxious parents . Our mission is simple yet profound: to equip the youth with the tools they need not just to succeed in their careers, but to savor every moment of life itself. Here’s why our journey is so crucial:

Parental Stress & Lost Quality Time

Parents today are fraught with worry, struggling to understand their teenage children and missing out on precious quality time.

Youth Confusion & Peer Pressure

Young individuals grapple with bewildering options, intense competition, peer and parental pressures when choosing careers, often overlooking their own passions and suitability.

Education-Industry Mismatch

Our education system falls short in meeting market demands, resulting in a significant skills gap that frustrates both employers and employees.

Ever-Evolving Careers

Rapid technological advancements render traditional career paths obsolete while new ones emerge constantly, leaving young minds without a structured approach to adapt and thrive.

Deteriorating Health

Health deteriorating under work-induced stress, and survival taking precedence over well-being.

Underprivileged Youth Resource Deprivation

Underprivileged youth lack the guidance and resources needed to pursue their dreams.

Disabled Youth

Disabled youth often prioritize survival over career growth and life enjoyment.

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan (Retd) and Cdr Ninad Deshpande (Retd) are submariners, with over two decades of service in the Indian Navy and seven years of hands-on experience in career mentoring and livelihood training, recognized the urgent need for change. They envisioned Jeevan Pravaas, drawing upon their deep understanding of the challenges faced by youth and parents. We aim to guide and empower young individuals, helping them navigate life’s journey with purpose and joy.

We aim to guide and empower young individuals, helping them navigate life's journey with purpose and joy.


Empowering Generations: Building Purposeful Livelihoods for Youth & Happy Families for a Stronger Society and a Thriving Nation.


“Empowering Underprivileged, Disabled youth, and Women to build joyful livelihoods and lead purposeful, productive lives."

About The Founders

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan (Retd)

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan is a distinguished veteran, boasting a rich background as a Submarine Engineer, Instructor, and Trainer for specialists within the Indian Navy. Departing prematurely from service, driven by his fervent desire to inspire the younger generation, he has transitioned seamlessly into a role as a visionary Career mentor and Mentor Trainer for the past 9 years. A devoted follower of Advaita Vedanta, Cdr Naveen has seamlessly integrated the profound principles of these scriptures into the unique Life Mentoring process developed within his newly co-founded organization, 'Jeevan Pravaas Life Mentoring Services.' His overarching goal is to catalyze positive change within the masses of Bharat, nurturing a generation of happy youth who not only excel in their endeavors but also lead deeply fulfilling lives, fostering harmony on a global scale.

Cdr Ninad Deshpande

Cdr Ninad Deshpande (Retd)

Cdr Ninad Deshpande is a Naval veteran, a Submariner and a Weapons Specialist with 23 years of service in the Navy, including 5 years in the Ministry of Defence. To follow his passion and zeal for empowering the underprivileged, he transitioned in his second innings to take over the helm of social initiatives at a Career Mentoring Organization. Leading this bootstrap endeavor for over 5 years, he has guided large number of disadvantaged students, youth, and women across the country. A social Entrepreneur, Ninad has now Cofounded Jeevan Pravaas Life Mentoring Services, developing practical, outcome-oriented livelihood and career guidance programs for the underprivileged youth. He specializes in working with disabled & marginalized youth and Women Entrepreneurs from EWS category, facilitating their journey towards a dignified, fulfilling and happy life.

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