The primary goal of Jeevan Pravaas is to empower and equip a diverse spectrum of young individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to either secure meaningful employment or embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. Our overarching aim is to enable our partner organizations to become self-reliant in delivering comprehensive training programs, so as to reach out to maximum youth.

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At Jeevan Pravaas, we boast substantial expertise in tailoring training solutions to precisely match the unique requirements of our clients. We specialize in crafting training structures that are not only customized to the needs of the learners but are also designed for maximum impact and practicality. Moreover, we excel in Training of the Trainers (ToT) programs, equipping skill trainers with the capabilities to deliver highly effective and pragmatic training to the beneficiaries within our partner organizations.


Our consultancy services extend to organizations seeking support in various areas of their training initiatives, including:

Assessing Training Needs and Developing Appropriate Structures

We work closely with organizations to comprehensively understand their training requirements and subsequently design tailored training structures to meet those needs.

Content Development

Our expertise extends to the creation of pedagogically sound content, training manuals, workbooks, training presentations, and video materials, ensuring that the learning experience is engaging and effective.

Training of Trainers

We provide comprehensive Training of Trainers programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of instructors, enabling them to deliver impactful training sessions that resonate with the organization's beneficiaries.

Long-Term Support

Jeevan Pravaas remains committed to providing ongoing support to organizations, ensuring the sustainability and continuous improvement of their training initiatives.

Our mission is to catalyze positive change by fostering a skilled and capable workforce, ultimately driving economic growth and self-reliance in the communities we serve.
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