Dive! Dive! Dive!

A Unique Youth Mentoring Program inspired from a

“Submarine's Attack Mission”

Deep Dive Mentoring Program by Jeevan Pravaas

“Like a submarine attack that demands precision and adaptation to hit a moving target, achieving career success requires meticulous planning, continuous monitoring, and strategic execution. Life’s journey, like a submarine mission, necessitates careful planning & tactics to reach your desired destination while navigating a dynamic and evolving environment.”

Our Deep Dive Mentoring Program ignites a profound sense of passion and purpose, fostering a genuine love for one’s pursuits. It acts as a transformative catalyst for countless young individuals who, through our unique processes, discover their true potential for achieving greater heights in life.

The program is specially designed for Non Traditional Learners, students who may not be inclined towards academic pursuits but hold the potential to become the future generation of entrepreneurs, sports stars, entertainers, designers, adventurers, media personalities, and more.

We also strive to empower parents by fostering a deep understanding of their children and engaging them as equal partners in their child’s growth and development through our innovative interventions.

Deliverables & Timeline

Our mentoring sessions include the above steps and are delivered with following timelines:

Session Submarine Attack Mission Topic Duration
Mode Remarks
1st Prepare to sail & Attack Understanding & Connecting with Mentor 30 Online Mentee and Parents required. Also fill a personal details form.
Psychometric Assessment 30 online Mentee takes Psychometric assessment independently within 3 days of 1st session
2nd Dive Deep, Locate & Identify Informed decision making 90 to 120 Online / Offline Mentee and Parents attend. Scheduled within 4-5 days of completion of Psy. Ass.
Career Research Mentee gets 10 days to explore suggested careers.
3rd Locate, Identify, Manouver & Attack Unleashing Potential 30 Online Mentee and Parents attend. Career Destination & Path is set
Students Workbook & Psychometric Assessment Report Mentee gets report & a workbook for documenting the salient aspects of mentoring process & decisions taken
4th Monitor & Support Parental Involvement 15 Online Only for Parents.

Cost Of Deep Dive Mentoring Program – Rs.15,000/- Only.

Embark on an exhilarating voyage of self-discovery, exploration, and personal growth with us, and together, let’s unleash the boundless potential within your child.

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