Excellence= "Beyond" the Books

Excellence= “Beyond” the Books

How does one achieve “Excellence” at whatever one does? Just observe around and in all public works, especially in India, we can see the glaring absence of this attribute in the work being done. When we go to a doctor or a hospital, we see people doing hard work and they are very good, but “excellence” is something much beyond “good”. In schools and colleges, we see teachers and professors doing very well in completing the curriculum, but again, “excellence” is something that is beyond the normal. The same is true in every profession and every sphere of work. Then how does one even strive for “excellence” that is beyond the normal?

Now let us look at some examples of “excellence”: The invention of Mac or “Apple” is a product of excellence, when it comes to customer experience, the experience in Taj Hotels, Delhi Metro, Vande Bharat Express etc. is also excellent, and we will find examples such as these in each and every spectrum, though they would be a minute fraction of the entire industry (maybe much lesser than 1%). What is the common factor in all these? I think the word “beyond” is synonymous with “excellence”. Unless each one of us starts striving to go “beyond” what is “expected”, we can never achieve “excellence” in what we do. In my opinion therefore an essential ingredient of “education” should be “excellence thinking” which allows all children to always think “beyond” the books and “beyond” marks; they should learn to strive for learning more than what is being taught and also application of the knowledge in life. This kind of practice at school and home, is bound to get them into a habit of thinking beyond and striving for excellence in life. Excellence needs a different kind of focus and energy at work. If you see a person striving for excellence, you will notice a passion and attitude that is indefatigable, and they care less about what people think about them. They do have to face a lot of resistance and criticism because they dare to go beyond and challenge the books. In fact, since everything in this world is transitory, how can someone’s thesis be permanent? Therefore, one has to learn to question every fact and probe deeper to understand the reality. Excellence comes only to those who can challenge the “stated facts” and add real value to the existing norms by practical experience and wisdom. In fact, excellent work needs you to break and bend the rules to enable you to achieve a higher standard than what has been achieved till now. It does not mean that every time breaking the rules is needed, but there has to be an objective of achieving an outcome that is going to exceed expectations, and to get there, it is OK to bend or even break the rules.

Every task given to a child must be such that they are encouraged to “go beyond” and discover new potentialities and possibilities. The real learning experience lies in these small value additions that they can bring to the table. If this becomes a part of life, we will have excellent youth producing excellent products and services in the future.

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Only if you strive to reach the horizon, will you know what lies beyond“- Unknown

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