Purposeful Life Journey by Naveen Badrinarayan

Purposeful Life Journey

“Happiness is everyone’s desire,” resonates the ancient saying, “Sarve Sukhinah Santu” – May everyone be blessed with happiness! The pursuit of happiness lies at the core of human existence. According to Advaita Vedanta, the ‘Anandamaya kosha’ represents this fundamental urge, the very intention behind every thought, word, or action. We all seek lasting happiness, yet often find ourselves amidst fleeting moments of joy, interspersed with periods of discontent.

How can we extend these moments of happiness? Pursuing sensual pleasures like food, entertainment, or material possessions tends to offer fleeting satisfaction, quickly dissipating. However, engaging in acts of service, solving problems for others or society at large, creates a deeper, enduring sense of fulfillment. Helping a child succeed in studies, aiding a family’s livelihood, or contributing to solving societal issues brings about a profound and lasting inner contentment.

The universal principle of “Give more to Get more” underscores that what we give generously returns to us manifold. Aligning our purpose with this universal law becomes essential. Designing careers and occupational paths that focus on problem-solving or adding value to the world of work becomes paramount. Following conventional career trajectories may lead to redundancy, while purpose-driven pursuits connected to the future world of work heighten the chances of success.

The aim and mission here are to craft countless fulfilling “Life Journeys” or “Jeevan Pravaas” for the youth. By instilling a sense of purpose and meaning in their professional endeavors, we strive to create a world where youth find sustained happiness and fulfillment in contributing positively to this beautiful world.

Purposeful Life Journey by Naveen Badrinarayan
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